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Fee for Service Dentistry

Fee for service dentistry provides people with high quality, appropriate treatment for their needs in exchange for a fair fee considering the time, care, skill, judgment and materials required to rend......
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Managing Dental Expenses

Third-party financing and payment plan options are available to help manage out-of-pocket dental expenses. If you have dental insurance, your coverage will reduce your financial burden. However, unles......
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Medicare Dental Coverage

Medicare dental benefits – available to those 65 years of age and older, those with disabilities and those with chronic kidney disease – are meager by any measure.
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Medicaid Dental Coverage

If you do not have dental insurance, you are not alone. The lack of dental insurance coverage is a nationwide problem that is emerging as one of the most serious challenges facing American healthcare......
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Non-Profit and Charitable

Researching and evaluating what can be an overwhelming slew of dental coverage and assistance options can be a seemingly insurmountable task. You can spend many frustrating and fruitless hours sifting......
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